The trail beyond Triund goes to Indrahar Pass.

Indrahar Pass


Views of the snow-capped Pir Panjal range and Mt. Kailash, the highest peak in a subsidiary range between the Dhaula Dhar and the Pir Panjal. Sacred to Hindus as Lord Shiva’s resting place, accompanies you as you pass the 4,453 meter-high Indrahar Pass and descend into the Chamba valley.

Indrahar Pass Trek Details

  • Area: Himachal Pradesh – Dharamshala and Chamba
  • Altitude: Min: Mc Leod Ganj (1890 Mts.) Max: (Appx 4453 Mts.)
  • Age: 10 years and above.
  • Duration: 05 Days – 04 Nights
  • Trek Grade: Easy Moderate Difficult
  • Best Time: May-Oct

Indrahar Pass Route Details

  • DAY 01: Mc Leod Ganj 1,890m in Dharamshala
  • Day 02: Trek from Mc Leod Ganj 1,890m Trek to Triund 2,751m to Ilaqua Got 3,353m
  • Day 03: Ilaqua Got to Indrahar Pass 4,453m to  Chhata 3,200m
  • Day 04: Chhata to Kuarsi 2,133m
  • Day 05: Trek to Machetar Road-head to catch a cab

Cost: INR 25,000 / 300$ US

  • Includes: Professional guide, permit, shared tent accommodation, all meals from Day 1 lunch to Day 5 lunch, safety- first aid kit.  
  • Excludes: Drive, meals in Dharamshala and Machetar.
  • Optional: Extra cost for a shared cab from Machetar to Chamba, potter/mule for a day pack.

Packing List for Trekking

Indrahar Pass Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Mc Leod Ganj 1,890m Dharamshala

McLeod Ganj is home to a strong Tibetan population, which arrived in 1959 with the Dalai Lama. There is a sightseeing trip planned for the afternoon for those who desire to participate; alternatively, you are free to explore the town or rest at the hotel.

Day 02: Trek to Ilaqua Got 3,353m 5 hrs

After breakfast, you quickly leave the hustle and activity of McLeod Ganj and begin a gentle rise through pine and rhododendron woodland until you reach Triund and camp on a meadow with views of the Dhaula-Dhar range above and the Kangra valley below. The Dhaula-Dhar rises to around 16,500 feet/5,029 meters, and several of its peaks are yet unclimbed. Follow a woodland route that gradually ascends to Ilaqua Got / Laka, which is located at the base of the Indrahar pass.

Day 03: Ilaqua Got to Indrahar Pass 4,453m to  Chhata 3,200m 6 -7 hrs

An early start as you climb to the 14,501ft/4,420m Indrahar pass, a rigorous six-hour hike with a packed lunch along the route. This is a historic trading route for tea, sugar, salt, and fabric that is frequently covered in snow. It offers excellent views of the central Himalaya and Kailash’s pointed summit (18,556ft/5,656m). (Please keep in mind that, while this Kailash is a sacred peak in the area, it is not the same as the famed Mount Kailash in Tibet.) Carved stairs ascend the final 300 feet to the pass’s summit, where there is a temple to the Goddess Durga. After a four-hour slow descent, you arrive at Chhata and set up a tent along a creek.

Day 04: Chhata to Kuarsi 2,133m 6 -7 hrs

You descend through the wild area with the possibility to see wildlife, pass intermediate peaks, continue the trail through heavy woodland, and drop into the Chamba Valley. Camp at Kuarsi, a Gaddi village. Shepherds love Kuarsi for its Shiva shrine. The temple is on a pilgrimage route and has been converted into an ashram where pilgrims may relax and sleep.

Day 05: Trek to Machetar Road head 3 hrs to catch a cab

Following a rhododendron-rich woodland track, you cross a mountain before descending down the Ravi River via farmed fields, apple orchards, and tiny hamlets. You arrive at the road head of Machetar to begin your cab journey along the banks of the Ravi River.

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