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Backpacking Skills

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This introductory Backpacking Skills course’s primary goals are to cultivate your abilities and confidence in all aspects of Himalayan or other mountain trekking.

Beginner Backpacking Skills training is intended for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts with little or no outdoor experience in a mountain or wilderness setting.

Embark on our Backpacking Skills course, a comprehensive journey into wilderness survival. Learn essential navigation techniques, campsite selection, and gear essentials. Master fire building, water purification, and food storage. Elevate your outdoor expertise with seasoned guides amidst the stunning vistas of the Indian Himalayas. Prepare, persevere, and conquer nature’s challenges.

Backpacking Skills Course Content

  • Selection and packaging of gear
  • Tent and food bag fastening knots and hitches
  • The Essentials of Land Navigation
  • Methods of hydration
  • Treatment of water
Trekker packing bag outside the tent
Packing backpack outside the Tent: Ascent Descent Adventures

Backpacking Skills Takeaway

  • Able to organize and execute a fun day hike, utilizing existing routes and campsites.
  • The basis for more advanced wilderness and mountaineering abilities.

Specifics: Backpacking Skills

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Experience: No prior experience is necessary.
  • Age: Minimum age is 10 years old, and there is no upper limit.
  • Max: 8 People per course.
  • Meeting Location: HOTEL KUNZAM, Manali HP.
  • Season: Year-round, check the calendar below for the date.
Packed backpack in Backpacking Skills course
Packed Backpacking: Ascent Descent Adventures

Cost Per Person

Course Fee: 3000 INR  / 40$ USD

Including and Excluding

  • Non-Residential: There will be no lodging, meals, or transportation provided. Participants must bring their packed lunch. During the course, just soft drinks and nibbles will be provided.
  • Equipment: All group climbing equipment will be provided. Bring your own 1-lit personal water bottle. Notebook Pen in a day pack to carry all your stuff.
  • Clothing: Appropriate clothing as per the weather.

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trekking guide with a hat and rucksack on his shoulder focuses on photographing snow-capped peaks during basic mountaineering course thumbnail reads Basic Mountain Skills Progression curriculum
Basic Mountain Skills Progression curriculum , Ascent Descent Adventures mountaineering institute

Recommended Further Training

This DIY First Aid Kit video has all of the supplies needed for injuries and illnesses for your backpack.

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