Regulation on Safety

Outdoor adventurous activities take occur in a variety of natural settings with inherent dangers and risks to handle. The Ascent Descent Adventures team will make every attempt to deliver practical training in a safe environment. Customers taking courses are expected to follow all safety directions and guidelines offered by the Company and its employees.


Clients who sign up for training/trek/climb/day hike or other adventure sports or trips with us should prepare to engage in exciting and occasionally rigorous activities. Whereas prior experience and/or training are not required for all training, clients should be in good overall health. The registration form’s medical component must be submitted as part of the booking procedure and returned 7 days prior to the booking. Any previous injuries or significant illnesses must be disclosed. Any injury or sickness that occurs between the time the declaration is made and the start of the course must be reported. The consumer must be satisfied that participating in the course is within his or her own abilities. The company holds the right to deny a booking on medical grounds if it is deemed harmful to the safety and smooth operation of the course.


You should have insurance that covers you for all activities for all courses.

It is critical that you be adequately insured for the duration of your training. Medical expenditures, injury, death, and the cost of return and evacuation by any means required, such as helicopter/air ambulance, must all be covered by your insurance.

If, in the situation of an emergency medical rescue or evacuation from a trip, whether by foot, helicopter, or anything else, you will be solely responsible for the payment of such charges. You will be responsible for any other expenses such as lodging, meals, and transportation.

Ascent Descent Adventures is a partner with Global Rescue and we highly recommend our clients enroll with Global Rescue.

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