Rock Climbing Progression

pankaj lagwal establishing a rock anchor and poster reads rock climbing progression curriculum

The Rock Climbing Progression-Rock Type is designed for novice to advanced climbers. The primary goal of these courses will be to teach the finest technique, tips, and tactics to help you thrive when climbing, training, and recuperating.

Rock climbing is all about advancement and honing your abilities in order to tackle major mountain goals.

There is no faster way to become a solid rock climber than to immerse yourself in the sport for a week. So the Rock Alpinism course is here to provide you with everything you need in one place.

Whether you don’t have a week or simply want to see if this is something you’re interested in, you may join the Rock Climbing progression courses.

Rock Climbing Skills Progression

  • Start with a one-day Basic level Rock Climbing Skills (Maxim) training focused solely on rock climbing abilities to discover your hidden climbing talent.
  • Or start with the Intermediate level If you have done some indoor/outdoor climbing, you can enroll in a two-day Trad Climbing (Acolyte) course. This is a transitional level course in which you will learn to second a lead climber.
  • After successfully completing the Trad climbing course, enroll in the development level course (Rope Rigging), which will be extremely beneficial while leading a climb.
  • Then you may take a two-day Lead Trad (Bravura) climbing school to learn advanced rock climbing skills.
Rock climbing progression infographic depicting growth from introductory rock climbing through trad climbing intermediate level, rope rigging development level, lead climbing climax level, and rescue tactics using silhouette and color rich icons of climbers and equipment.
Rock climbing skill progression Infographic

The final stage of the development is the opportunity to summit a 6a rock pitch! This is an incredible experience and the ideal reward for all of your hard work over the previous several days. We’ll complete the trip by honing our lead climbing abilities.

Further Training

You may also sign up for a day-long Rock Rescue Training. To gain confidence and mitigate accidents when rock climbing.

Alternatively, you may enroll in our Glacier Training or Alpinism Course


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