Glacier Training Progression

Students relaxing on a glacier during glacier training thumbnail reads Glacier Training Progression curriculum

The Glacier training progression- Glacier Type, the workshop is held outside on glacier snow and ice, and it teaches climbing methods and safety systems required for safe glacier travel.

Your results will differ depending on where you are in the progression and how many times you climbed. We can promise that no matter what level you start at or how long you climb, you will be much more proficient, acquire confidence, have a solid foundation of skills, and leave with new buddies and mountaineering teammates.

The Glacier Skills Training Courses are designed to engage and provide hands-on experience in field training. Our competent trainers work hard to offer you skills that are broadly relevant and to make your educational experience as enjoyable as possible.

Glacier Training Skill Progression

  • You have no prior ice-climbing experience and have never used crampons or ice axes. To find your secret climbing potential, begin with Basic level snow climbing skills training that focuses entirely on navigating snow terrain abilities.
  • This is an Intermediate level Ice Climbing (Acolyte) lesson where you will learn how to second a lead climber. You could have some basic rock climbing or indoor climbing experience. If you have previous experience with ice climbing or mountain expeditions, you can participate in a four-day ice climbing course.
  • You enjoy ice climbing and want to be able to go out and top-rope and perhaps follow someone on a lead. After completing the Ice Climbing Acolyte course, enroll in the Glacier travel skills development course, which will be highly useful while guiding a climb through a glaciated area.
  • Then you may attend a four-day Crevasse Rescue course to acquire Advanced glacier travel techniques.
Glacier travel progression infographic demonstrating evolution from beginner snow skills to ice climbing intermediate level, glacier travel skills development level, crevasse rescue climax level, and avalance rescue methods with silhouette and color rich symbols of climbers ice axe and ropes.
Glacier travel skill progression courses in Indian Himalaya

Further Training

For additional training, you may also sign up for a one-day Avalanche rescue skills course. Gaining confidence and reducing mishaps while navigating a glacier.

You may also enroll in our rock climbing or Alpinism Courses


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