Manirang Peak between the districts of Kinnaur, Lahaul, and Spiti.

Manirang Peak


Nestled within the embrace of the Indian Himalayas, Manirang Peak stands tall as a testament to nature’s grandeur and a challenge to those seeking the pinnacle of mountaineering adventure. At an imposing altitude of 6,593 meters, this majestic peak reigns over the borderlands of Kinnaur district and Lahaul and Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Embarking on the journey to conquer Manirang is not merely an ascent; it’s an odyssey that unfolds over 20 days, weaving through the stunning landscapes and rugged terrains of the Himalayas. The ascent is classified as demanding, catering to seasoned mountaineers and adventurers hungry for an adrenaline-pumping challenge.

The itinerary is a carefully choreographed dance between preparation, acclimatization, and the relentless pursuit of the summit. From the bustling town of Manali to the serene Mane Village, each step in this expedition is a deliberate move towards the towering apex of Manirang.

As climbers ascend through various camps—each strategically positioned to facilitate acclimatization and gear up for the next leg—the expedition culminates in the ultimate summit days. These are moments etched in time, where perseverance meets panoramic vistas, and the summit of Manirang becomes a personal triumph for every intrepid soul who undertakes this extraordinary Himalayan adventure.

Manirang Peak Details

  • Category: Peak Ascent
  • Location: Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Altitude: 6,593 meters
  • Grade: Demanding
  • Duration: 20 Days

Route Details Manirang Peak

  • Day 1-2: Manali
  • Day 3: Kaza
  • Day 4: Mane Village
  • Day 5: Trek to Intermediate Camp
  • Day 6: Intermediate Camp to Base Camp
  • Days 7-9: C1 (Camp 1) Preparation and Ascent
  • Days 10-13: C2 and C3 Preparation
  • Days 14-15: Summit Days
  • Days 16-18: Descent to Base Camp via C1
  • Day 19: Base Camp to Mane Village
  • Day 20: Drive Back

Cost: INR 170000 / 2000$ USD

Including and Excluding

  • Includes: Professional guide, Permits, 2 people shared tent accommodation, all meals from day-1 lunch to day-20 lunch, drive from Manali to trek start point and back to Manali, safety equipment with first aid kit, other technical equipment, and all group climbing gear like ropes, anchors, slings, etc. 
  • Excludes: travel to and from Manali, sleeping bag, an individual climbing kit which would be hired climbing bootsice-axescrampons and gaiters, personal clothing items, phone calls, insurance, meals while driving, camera fee, cost incurred as a result of unanticipated situations like as terrible weather, landslides, road conditions, or any other factors beyond our control.
  • Optional: On-request transportation to and from Manali, Extra cost for potter/mule for a day pack.

Manirang Peak Itinerary

Day 1-2: Manali

The adventure begins in the picturesque town of Manali, serving as a base for preparations and acclimatization.

Day 3: Kaza

Embarking on the journey, the route leads to Kaza, setting the stage for the expedition ahead.

Day 4: Mane Village

The trek officially commences, guiding trekkers through Mane Village, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

Day 5: Trek to Intermediate Camp

As the ascent gains momentum, trekkers progress to the Intermediate Camp, marking a significant point in the journey.

Day 6: Intermediate Camp to Base Camp

The trek reaches the Base Camp, providing a vital resting spot before the more challenging phases of the ascent.

Days 7-9: C1 (Camp 1) Preparation and Ascent

The itinerary involves loading the ferry to C1 and back, then shifting to C1. The process repeats for C2, ensuring gradual acclimatization.

Days 10-13: C2 and C3 Preparation

Similar to C1, the team prepares and shifts to C2, then to C3 (Summit Camp), with necessary rest days and rope-fixing activities.

Days 14-15: Summit Days

The pinnacle of the adventure unfolds with the summit attempts, requiring skill, determination, and teamwork.

Days 16-18: Descent to Base Camp via C1

The descent begins, retracing the steps from the summit to Base Camp, passing through C1.

Day 19: Base Camp to Mane Village

The journey concludes with a trek from Base Camp back to Mane Village.

Day 20: Drive Back

The final leg of the adventure involves a scenic drive back, allowing participants to reflect on the extraordinary feat accomplished.

Embark on the Manirang Peak expedition, a 20-day odyssey that combines the thrill of conquering a demanding peak with the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayan landscape. This itinerary is meticulously crafted to ensure a safe and unforgettable experience for adventurers seeking to test their limits in the heart of the Indian Himalayas.

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