The camp is located just below the Hampta Pass Trek.

Hampta Pass Trek


The Hampta Pass trek starts from the Prini village of Manali and goes across the Hampta Pass up the headwaters of the Chandra River in Lahaul and explores the lower portion of the mighty Bara Shigri glacier. We begin our Hampta Pass trek by driving through Prini hamlet to Jobri (a village around 6 KM from the main town of Manali). On this trail, you can have a splendid panoramic view of snow-capped mountains named Indrasan (6220 Mts.), Inderkilla (6000 Mts.), and Deo-Tibba (6001 Mts.). Trek provides an ample opportunity to explore the glacier and moraine in this part of the western Himalayas.

The Hampta Pass (4270m) is on the true right side of the valley. It provides the vantage point for the Lahaul Range, which can be reached by diverting from the main trail through the moraine towards the center of the valley. From here, the peaks of DeoTibba (6001 Mts.) and Indrasan (6221 Mts.) can also be appreciated. 

Horses in the Hamta pass meadow - Himalaya is home to a unique range of ecosystems
Horses in the Hamta pass meadow

Hampta Pass Trek Details

  • Area: Himachal Pradesh – Manali and Lahaul Spiti
  • Altitude: Min: Manali (2100 Mts.) Max: Hampta Pass (Appx 4268 Mts.)
  • Age: 12 years and above.
  • Duration: 04 Days – 03 Nights.
  • Trek Grade: Easy Moderate Difficult
  • Best Time: May-October

Hampta Pass Trek Route

  • DAY 01: Drive Manali to Jobri (2700 Mts.) 5/6 Hrs.
  • DAY 02: Jobri to Juara / Balu Gera (3530 Mts.) 5 Hrs.
  • DAY 03: Juara /Balu Gera to Shea Gahru (3200 Mts.) 6 Hrs. (Over Hampta Pass 4270 Mts.)
  • DAY 04: Shea Gahru to Chhatru (3360 Mts.) 3 Hrs and Drive Chhtru to Manali 5 Hrs.

Cost: INR 8500 / 105$ USD

Including and Excluding

  • Includes: Professional guide, permit, 3 people shared tent accommodation, all meals- 4 breakfasts 4 lunches and 4 dinners, safety- first aid kit.  
  • Excludes: Drive to and from Manali, meals while driving, and stay in Manali.
  • Drive on trek ExtraCost:
    1. The first day of the journey (Manali to Jobri) was shared by all trek participants for a vehicle costing INR 3000.
    2. Last day, a car from Chhatru to Manali will be shared by all trek participants for INR 9000. (One car, five trekkers.)
  • Optional: Extra Cost for potter/mule for a day pack.

Packing List for Trekking

Hampta Pass Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Drive Manali to Jobri (2700 Mts.) 6 Hrs.

Drive from Prini Village for 5/6 hrs. on the steep section that goes through apple orchards and a forest of blue pine, cedar, oak, fir, and chestnut. A small hamlet Hampta has a fascinating history. They say that the soul of a person who dies has to go through Hampta. Locals say they have heard two sorts of the noise of crying and the sounds of the trumpet. According to them, the crying sound means that a person is going to hell and the trumpet sound symbolizes the person is going to heaven. It is there because Mount Inderkilla is known as heaven and hell.

  • Note: these days a lot of construction work for the hydro project is going on and you will see mostly the destruction of nature. 
View from Jobri on Hampta Pass Trek
View from Jobri – Hampta Pass Trek: Ascent Descent Adventures

Day 02: Jobri to Juara / Balu Gera (3530 Mts.) 5 Hrs

Walkthrough beautiful landscape just below the Hamta Pass situated on a grassy green bank sloping down from the cliffs. The majestic grandeur of immediate surroundings, the nearness of the Tokru-Shakru peaks, and the wonderful coloring of rock and mountainside. The river Alain Nullah source from Hamta pass follows Chikka after crossing three times you will come across along the cliffside till one finally reaches Chikka. Then trek through Panduropa is full of cliff-cascading splashes which attract a lot of foreign trekkers from all over the world. Panduropa means paddy fields of Pandavas.

Day 03: Juara / Balu Gera to Shea Gahru (3200 Mts.) 6Hrs. (Over Hamta Pass 4270 Mts).

From here the trail ascends towards the mighty Hamta Pass (4270 Mts.) and you can have the amphitheater vista of Deo Tibba and the fabled Indrasan peaks. Soon you will descend on a switchback trail to the campsite Shea Gahru. Shea Gahro means a cold place. Being adjacent to the glacier snout makes it cold. After spring it’s an alp and resting point for the Sheppard’s crossing the valley with a flock of sheep.

client posing for picture on Hampta pass a moderate trekking trail of himachal
Picture from Hampta Pass Trek for16 Moderate Trekking Trails of Himachal Pradesh

Day 04: Shea Garu to Chhatru (3360 Mts.) 3 Hrs.

Easy to walk along the river up to the rocky point, though it’s hard to cross in the rainy season. If lucky you may find a bridge at Rock Point during the winter bridge usually blown off by an avalanche. At a point, you have to cross the river physically in the shallow part. Also from this point, you will see the distant valleys of Lahaul and Spiti and the massive Himalayan range Pir Panjal and Spiti ranges dominate the entire landscape till the campsite at Chhatru.

Hampta Pass Trek
Hampta Pass Trek: Ascent Descent Adventures

Drive Chhtru to Manali 5 Hrs.

Today drive through the rugged road in Chandra Valley crossing Chhtru and Grampoo. On the way, the left-hand side is Chhota Shigri glacier and the road leads to Batal/Kaza and Spiti. Grampoo divides the valley into Lahaul & Spiti. And turns right-hand side at Grampoo towards Lahaul & Leh and left-hand side turn to the Rohtang/Manali. At Grampoo the real climb to Rohtang Pass (3980 Mts.). Here one sees the majesty of the mountains at their height and splendidly. At the top of the Pass, the air seems to glitter against the snow as you look down over herringboned ridges into the Lahaul Valley. A few kilometers away from the Pass is Sonapani glacier: slightly to the left are the twin peaks of the Gepan jagged pyramid of rock and snow-crowned. And slowly descend to Rohtang Pass to Manali. (We use the Atal tunnel now).

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