Client Testimonials

Pankaj is an amazing teacher. I took an intensive 6 week mountaineering course with him that took place in the heart of Patagonia. He explained many concepts, techniques and problems that one may face in the mountains. What I learned from Pankaj that impacted me the most is to always believe in yourself and you will achieve more than you can imagine. Pankaj makes it hard for you to give up your goals with his unceasing positivity

Lisa Stromsmoe
Lisa Stromsmoe, Fort Saint JohnBritish Columbia

At the outset Congratulation!! You have conducted this adventure tour / camp very successfully. Most of all safety too, as you must always remember that safety is of utmost importance esp. in adventures sports. You guys have fully lived up to my expectations and response the faith I had in you. Thankx a lot!! Every arrangement including, admin was EX. I am happy and proud to say that my cadets are very happy. Wish you many more such adventures and success God Bless.

Rohit Tamang
Rohit Tamang, Wing Commander Principal Sainik School

“Thank you again for your help last week! We definitely would not have made it without you! Thank you so much!” “I am very grateful for Pankaj, who is a real pro on what he is doing and with the warm heart I can recommend his travelling and trekking services to anyone interested. I had an accident while river rafting in northern India, where my leg was injured and had multiple fractures. By the help of Pankaj and his crew I was safely transferred first to hospital at Himalayas and then to Delhi airport. Pankaj acted all the time as a real professional, knowing what to do next, knowing the first aid and keeping it calm even though the situation was very tough. He took the whole incident very seriously which I highly appreciate. One special thing that showed his passion for work and care of his clients was to stay with us all the way to Delhi to check that we will be safe and ok all the way through. That is something you don’t see so often. We definitely would not have made it without you! Thank you so much!”

Piritta Seppälä, Helsinki, Finland

“wow, congratulations. I’ve been sort of following you over the past year, traveling to many places around the world. It’s quite a big step to break off and start your own business! I had a wonderful time on the Kuari Pass trek.  You are a first class guide. I never knew exactly what we would see day-to-day, but your competence gave me confidence that it would be good (and safe). I remember how great the soup that you served with many meals tasted. It was different every day and soooo good. When I asked you about it you told me that it was simply Knorr instant soup. But you must have added some secret ingredient or else my taste buds were turned up to high intensity. Ummm. I brought along from the U.S., two sets of flashlight batteries, which is usually plenty for a 3-week trip. Well perhaps I was spending more time reading at night, or perhaps the batteries were old, but they all gave out after only a few days on the trail. You did find a tiny shop that sold batteries, but warned me that they wouldn’t be Duracell quality — right on, they didn’t last even an hour. The problem was that the next morning we would leave very early to cross Kuari Pass — in the dark! I stumbled along in the dark and cold, trying to nurse a little light from all those dead batteries, having great difficulty keeping up with the group. Thankfully you had an emergency set of batteries to give me and saved my butt. (I still owe you!) These are pretty low-power adventure stories — it doesn’t take much to amuse my small mind! Anyway I wish you the best in your endeavor! You are a great guy! Keep me posted please.”

Randy Renter
Randy Renter, Dallas, Texas, USA

We had an excellent trip with you, it was very well organised, the route was beautiful and you where a fantastic guide. I remember specifically that we came early in the trekking season (easter) and there was still snow on the peak however you still guided us to the summit with out any problems. All in all it was an excellent trip. We felt as though we where in the hands of an expert guide however even though we were walking up a very well trodden route. Also you helped us feel as though we where exploring a new part of the world.

James Parkin
James Parkin, Paris, France

In April 2005, I spent 12 days together with my father trekking in Uttaranchal, over the Kuari Pass, with Pankaj as our guide. It was an unforgettable, incredible experience. We started in Mundoli, and over the course of the 12 days wound our way through several valleys, over several passes, ultimately surmounting the Kuari Pass and finishing in Joshimath. We were the first to mount the Kuari Pass that season — spring came slightly later than usual and there had been lots of snow that winter, so we ascended the final 800m through snow. This introduced an additional element of risk, and Pankaj’s mountaineering experience was invaluable. The five of us that mounted the pass were roped up — at a particularly icy crossing, one of our fellow trekkers lost his footing and started to slide down the mountainside. Thanks to Pankaj’s foresight, it was only a minor (if exciting) event. Indeed throughout the trip Pankaj was constantly concerned with our safety, security and comfort, and I don’t believe he could have done any more towards ensuring these than he did. More than that, Pankaj became a very good friend over the trek. Some of the finest moments that I can remember involve my father, Pankaj and me playing poker over a few glasses of rum in a tent with blowing snow outside, following a hard day’s trekking. Pankaj also shared his music with us which we continue to enjoy even now. And I’ll never forget throwing a frisbee around with Pankaj at 4500m — that disc flew like I’ve never seen it fly before. I’m not sure if that was the thin air or my delirium! The scenery was absolutely stunning, the people very friendly, and the trekking itself challenging, but very enjoyable. We remain in touch with Pankaj to this day, and hopefully if we have another chance to trek in the Himalayas again, Pankaj will be the first person we get in touch with to organise it. I wish him all the best with his company — if he manages it with the same care, responsibility and attention to detail that he managed our trek with, I’m sure it will be highly successful

Julian de Hoog, Canada

Very nice picture what camera do you use. After leaving you on mountain we had a whirlwind week. What climbing plans do you have for 2004?…..Wishing you all the best in 2004 and much happiness! Do let me know of your climbing explorers, with our love, affection.

Late Col. Balwant Sandhu, Arjuna Awardee for excellence in Mountaineering 1983

Pankaj Lagwal I would like to thank you and your company Ascent Descent Adventures for imparting training to me for the Rock Climbing course, the extreme professionalism with which you have managed the entire course is commendable. The high standards of safety observed in the course boosted my confidence level to explore much out of the course..I strongly recommend to all who want to start ROCK CLIMBING should choose Ascent Decent Adventures as these guys..”ROCK”    

Shezad Sharif
Shezad Sharif, New Delhi, India

Dhuaj rocks provides the right balance of easy to challenging climbs for those getting back into the game or just looking for a day well spent. A good mix of enjoyable yet demanding climbs all within easy reach of Delhi and ADA did a great job of upping the ante to suit my level as it came back to me after several years out of the game. Definitely worth doing as an intro to ADA and certainly proved why I’ll be booking some more extensive trips with them!

Oliver Fall
Oliver Fall, United Kingdom