• “Ascent Descent Adventures” is the company.
  • The term “client” refers to any person, business, corporation, or other legal representative who puts an account or purchases items or services from the company, as well as any of their workers, servants, agents, or sub-contractors.
  • Any course or service provided by the company is referred to as a service.
  • A contract is an agreement between a company and a client to provide products or services.
  • These terms and conditions of provision are referred to as Terms and Conditions.


These terms and conditions are included in the contract and supersede any terms and conditions contained or alluded to in any communication from the client or inferred by tradition or practice. The company strictly rejects all other terms and conditions.


When the company acknowledges receipt of the customer’s booking form and associated payment, the contract is created.

  • Participation in adventurous activities carries some danger of harm. All company employees are trained and suitably certified to run exercise programs and will always proceed in a way that minimizes the danger of damage. Clients must, however, accept the possibility of injuries and accidents.
  • All equipment given for usage during the activity/course is the responsibility of the client. Except in the case of normal wear and tear, the company has the right to charge for lost or misused equipment.
  • All reservations are made with the understanding that the consumer would follow the company’s safety procedures in all instances.
  • However neither company’s website nor its content constitutes an offer, and the company reserves the right to amend any inaccuracies or omissions in its advertised prices at any time prior to contract confirmation in compliance with this condition.
  • All information is created in the hope that it is correct at the time of publication.
  • Any new pricing list supersedes all prior price lists.


The venues and locations for advertised public courses are subject to change. We strive to hold the classes in the mentioned locations, but we constantly consider the capabilities of the group, weather circumstances, and access.

We will notify you of any venue changes as soon as we are able.


Photographs taken on the Company’s courses may feature in advertising material from moment to moment. If clients do not want to be pictured, kindly notify the training educator at the time.


If you need to cancel your training, you must inform Ascent Descent Adventures…


Outdoor adventurous activities take occur in a variety of natural settings…

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