Covid 19 Mitigation Plan

Due to concerns about the corona virus, We have made this policy

  • (RT-PCR test) at least 72 hrs before joining the trip. It is free in most Govt hospitals.
  • If traveling by car with ADA only 4 travelers will be traveling in a Tata Sumo-like car.
  • Vehicles will be sanitized before and after the travelling.
  • The tents will be shared and will be sanitized before and after the occupancy.
  • You can also get a single tent for yourself at the extra cost of INR 1200 per day.
  • Toilets will be dry toilets so no contact there.
  • For cutleries, we advise you to carry a plate, bowl, spoon, and a mug of your own.
  • Our cook and kitchen is hygienic and we sanitize all the cooking stuff as well.
  • We recommended to carry a sanitizer bottle with you as well. Though there will a bottle in camp and cars as well.
  • Visiting to local village will be restricted due to precautionary measure. Also staying away from locals.
  • We carry oxygen bottle in our first aid kit as well.
  • There will be regular temperature check of each person on the trek.
  • Our trip leader/guide and other staff will be wearing mask when coming in proximity of others.
  • Our first aid kit will be available all the time to you in case of emergency.

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