Basic Mountain Skills Progression

trekking guide with a hat and rucksack on his shoulder focuses on photographing snow-capped peaks during basic mountaineering course thumbnail reads Basic Mountain Skills Progression curriculum

Basic Mountain course- Earth Type, teaches you all of the skills necessary for a trekking guide to conduct safe mountain trekking operations.

Trekking is mostly just walking. It is possible for almost everyone to do it and enhance their mind and body via workouts, pure air, and outdoor areas. There are certain specific abilities that may come in helpful in certain scenarios on your trekking vacations.

Instead of being lost and dependent on others to guide you, you may have the satisfaction of designing and executing your own plans, knowing exactly where you are and what you’re observing around you at all times.

Observing this is one thing, and we all do it, but moving more towards efficient decisions as a result of what’s going on around you is this purposeful act of registering the observations into category frameworks.

Basic Mountain Courses Progression

  • Firstly if you have no prior trekking/hiking experience and have never camped with a backpack. Begin with basic level Backpacking skills training that focuses solely on several starting-level mountain-trekking abilities to identify your hidden talent set.
  • This is an Intermediate level Mountain skills class where you will learn how to plan ahead of time and what to do in an emergency. You can enroll in a 2-day Mountain skill course if you have prior expertise with trekking/hiking or mountain adventures.
  • The level of development in Map reading will ensure that you can navigate any location with a map and compass.
  • After finishing the map reading skills course, enroll in the Wilderness survival skills course, which will come in handy if you become lost in the woods or a mountain glaciated location.
The infographic outlines basic mountain skill courses ranging from backpacking through mountain skills, map reading, survival skills, and eventually mountain rescue training
Basic mountain course in Indian Himalayas

Further Training

You may also sign up to study advanced adventure travel methods or participate in a one-day Mountain rescue course. Gaining confidence and reducing mistakes while exploring mountains.

You may also enroll in our rock climbing or alpinism courses.


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