Fees on Triund Trek & Limit: HP High Court

Fees on Triund Trek

As per the Hindustan Times: HP High Court Imposes Trekker Limit and Fees on Triund Trek On November 23, 2023, the HP High Court endorsed the Eco-Tourism Society of the Forest Department’s regulations for the popular Triund Trek. Ascent Descent Adventures, a professional adventure travel operator, weighs in on the advantages and disadvantages of these measures, recognizing the delicate balance between conservation and sustaining the adventure tourism industry.

The Triund trek is a one-day hike that follows an ancient migratory path used by shepherds from Chamba and Kangra.

Key Points of Fees on Triund Trek:

The court has implemented stringent regulations to address the environmental impact of the Triund trek

1. Trekker Limit – 400 trekkers: 

A cap of 400 trekkers per day aims to manage the environmental footprint and prevent overcrowding.

2. Entry Fee – Rs 200 per person: 

Trekkers will now be required to pay Rs 200 per person at the newly erected checkpost in Gallu, supporting eco-friendly initiatives.

3. Camping Restrictions – 20 tents:

Only 20 tents will be allowed at the Triund campground, and overnight stays are limited to 40 tourists in the Dhauladhars. An additional charge of Rs 1,000 will be levied for overnight stays.

Hotel and Restaurant Association of Dharamsala

Ashwani Bamba, President of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Dharamsala has proposed a reduced fee of Rs 50 per person for the entry permit and a tent pitching fee of Rs 200 per tent on a sharing basis. He believes these changes will enhance the appeal of Triund Trek as a trekking destination.

Balancing Conservation and Adventure Tourism

According to the News – There is only a fee collection at Gallu for Triund. There is no support, such as a guide, camping necessities, rescue services, etc.

DFO Dharamsala, Dinesh Kumar who is member of the Eco Tourism Society, said that the rules have been framed on the order issued by the Himachal High Court to regulate tourism on Triund summit. The money generated from fee would be used to improve the trek and provide better facilities for tourists.

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Advantages of Fees on Triund Trek:

Environmental Conservation: 

The imposition of a trekker limit and entry fee aligns with our commitment to environmental sustainability. It helps preserve the fragile ecosystem of the Triund trek, ensuring that the natural beauty and biodiversity remain intact for future generations.

Reduced Impact: 

Capping the number of trekkers and tents mitigates the detrimental effects of tourism, fostering responsible practices.

Enhanced Experience: 

The regulations promise a more serene and immersive experience for visitors, aligning with the company’s values.

Disadvantages of Fees on Triund Trek:

Impact on the Tourism Industry: 

The Hotel Association’s concerns about a potential decline in tourist footfall raise valid points. While environmental conservation is crucial, it’s essential to strike a balance that sustains the adventure tourism industry, supporting local businesses and livelihoods.

Financial Implications: 

The entry fee and additional charges may pose challenges for budget-conscious travelers, potentially limiting the inclusivity of adventure tourism.

Adaptation Challenges: 

Both operators and trekkers will need to adapt to the new regulations, which may initially pose logistical challenges.


In conclusion, the regulations represent a pivotal moment for Triund’s future, balancing environmental conservation with the needs of the adventure tourism industry. Ascent Descent Adventures advocates for ongoing dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders to ensure the long-term prosperity of this iconic trekking destination.

Revised Triund Trek Regulations: 50% Fee Reduction Announced

In a significant development, the Himachal Pradesh High Court has responded to the concerns raised by Trekking and Tourism operators, announcing a substantial reduction in entry and tenting fees for the Triund trek. This decision comes in the wake of a decline in tourist footfall after the New Year Holiday Season and numerous representations from stakeholders. According to the government memo dated January 12, 2024, a 50% discount on entry and tenting fees has been implemented, providing relief to adventure enthusiasts and operators alike.

Updated Content:

In a welcome move for adventure enthusiasts and tourism operators, the Himachal Pradesh High Court has decided to alleviate the financial burden on trekkers heading to Triund. As per the government memo issued on January 12, 2024, a 50% reduction in entry and tenting fees has been introduced. The revised rates, effective from January 12, 2024, until further notice, are as follows:

1. Entry Fee:

  •    Previous Rate: Rs. 200/- per head per day
  •    Discounted Rate: Rs. 100/- per head per day
  •    Note: No fee shall be charged for registered guides of recognized Miscellaneous Adventure Activities Operators who are registered with the Tourism department under HP Misc Adv Activities Rules, 2021.

2. Tenting Fee for Triund & Other Trek Routes (2-day duration):

  •    Previous Rate: Rs. 1100/- for pitching a 2-person camping tent, inclusive of entry fee
  •    Discounted Rate: Rs. 550/- for pitching a 2-person camping tent, inclusive of entry fee

For further details, you can refer to the official government memo below:

Adventure enthusiasts and operators are optimistic that these revised rates will reinvigorate interest in the Triund trek, striking a balance between promoting tourism and maintaining the ecological integrity of this pristine destination.

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