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Since 1995, Surender Mahant has been a mountain guide. In 2001, he created Alpine Trek & Tours in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, and in 2017, he merged with Ascent Descent Adventures. Eco-friendly rancher with homestays in Manali H.P.

Title: Author, Alpinist

Email: alpinehimalaya@gmail.com

Location: Manali, Himachal Pradesh

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Surender Mahant: A Himalayan Native

Surender Mahant, Co-Founder of Ascent Descent Adventures, hails from the heart of the Himalayan wilderness in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Born and raised amidst the stunning landscapes of Manali, Surender’s connection to the mountains is not just professional; it’s deeply personal.

Surender Mahant
Surender Mahant Co-Founder Ascent Descent Adventures

Master of the Mountains

Certified and seasoned, Surender Mahant is more than an adventurer – he’s a master of the mountains. With over two decades of experience, he holds mountaineering, skiing, and mountain biking certifications. His patience and keen observational skills make him a standout outdoorsman, ensuring safe and memorable experiences for all.

Surender Mahant flaunts his muscles in this photo while clutching a crack in a rock.
Hiking engages major muscle groups. Ascent Descent Adventures

Offbeat Explorer and Route Maestro

Surender is not your typical adventurer; he’s an offbeat explorer constantly seeking new routes in the nearby wilderness. From mountain biking trips to treks and hikes, he curates experiences to suit every taste and timeframe. As a fantastic explorer and trek reconnaissance specialist, Surender Mahant is an invaluable asset to the adventure-seeking community.

Surender Mahant, a mountain guide, takes a dip at Dashir Lake
Surender Mahant mountain guide Ascent Descent Adventures

Beyond Adventure: A Homestay Owner and Farmer

Beyond the thrill of adventure, Surender Mahant is deeply rooted in the land. He owns homestays in Kullu and Manali, offering a unique perspective on mountain hospitality. His connection to agriculture and organic farming is evident as he cultivates everything from apples to passion fruit, and even tends to buzzing bees. Additionally, Surender imparts knowledge through classes, teaching others to be self-sufficient by growing organic vegetables and fruits in their kitchen gardens.

Surender Mahant holding Himalayan Onion while Foraging
Surender Mahant holding Himalayan Onion while Foraging in Wilderness Survival Himalayas – Ascent Descent Adventures

Calm Amidst the Storm: Pandemic Resilience

During the challenging times of the pandemic, while many were in distress, Surender Mahant remained a beacon of calm. Instead of succumbing to worry, he focused on cultivating fruits, veggies, and flowers. Not just for himself, but he also dedicated time to bringing children outdoors through camping, demonstrating resilience and a commitment to fostering a connection with nature.

Surender Mahant climbing a snow mountain ridge in the Alpine Ski Mountaineering course
Alpine Ski Mountain Training course in the Indian Himalayas

Visionary Trainer: Maximizing Time and Strength

Surender Mahant is not just an adventurer; he’s a fantastic trainer with a visionary approach. His evaluation skills and ability to harness time and strength while maintaining control set him apart as a characteristic outdoor trainer. Whether navigating the mountains or cultivating a sustainable lifestyle, Surender Mahant’s expertise transcends the conventional boundaries of adventure.

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