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Manali Township photographed from right bank of River Beas

  • 32.2432° N, 77.1892° E (Altitude: 2050 m / 6398 ft)

Manali is a township in the western Himalayas’ Land of Gods (Himachal Pradesh), located in the Beas River valley. It is named after Manu, the Santan lawgiver in Manusmriti. The name Manali is believed as the derivation of Manu-Alaya ‘the abode of Manu’.

It is not only India’s adventure capital, but also a legendary land where one of the Saptrishi Vashista (son of Lord Brahma) meditated, followed by the next generation of Parashar Rishi, Ved Vyasa, and others.

Manu of India, Mises of Egypt, Minos of Crete – we believe they are all the same, despite the different names and historical evidence as the Manu temple in Manali. According to this religious belief, the human race originated here.

Manu Temple at Manali, Himachal Pradesh, with the greater Himalayas covered in snow in the background
Above Picture: Manu Temple Manali Himachal Pradesh restored in the 1990s

As a spiritual person, entering this heavenly land is your portal to divinity because tectonic plate fault lines meet at Rohtang Pass (3978m), which was a source of energy for Maharishi Vyasa for meditating after a bath in Beas Kund (3641m) every day, which is a multi-day trek for us.

Manu Temple placard informs about the temple's features and history.
Manu Temple in Manali Himachal Pradesh Indian Himalaya, Ascent Descent Adventures

It is the Himalayan Adventure Gateway to mountaineering, paragliding, rafting, skiing, trekking mountain biking, rock climbing, bungee jumping, zipline, and other activities in the Pir Panjal Mountains. For both domestic and foreign travelers, a one-stop location.

Rock Climbing in Aleo, Manali Himachal Pradesh India

Rock Climbing in Aleo, Manali HP India
Rock Climbing in Aleo, Manali, Himachal Pradesh India – Ascent Descent Adventures

In the reflection of adventure, Manali is labeled “Mini Switzerland” – we believe there is no comparison between the Himalayas and the Alps, as each has its natural charm. Even though we understand that Switzerland is a developed, sparsely populated country.

As there is always order amid chaos, one can compare Switzerland to a Mini Manali!

Exploring the Majestic Peaks of Manali

Hanuman Tibba peak in manali
Hanuman Tibba Peak: Ascent Descent Adventures

How to Get Here

There are two ways to get here: both Chandigarh and Delhi have international airports. If you intend to visit solely Manali, the best option is to book a flight from your home country to Chandigarh.

The simplest and most economical method to get here is by automobile. Roads link to several locations, including Delhi (540 kilometers) and Chandigarh (305km).

From Delhi


  •  HRTC Volvo: Distance 540km (13h – 14h)
  •  Taxi: Hire a direct taxi from Delhi Airport.


  • From New Delhi to Kullu or Bhuntar Airport: Aerial Distance 366km (01h  25m)
  • From Bhuntar Airport to Manali (Bus/ Taxi): Distance: 50km (01h 15m)

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Train (No direct train)

  • From New Delhi to Anandpur Sahib Railway Station: Distance from Delhi 383km (07h – 08h)
  • Anandpur to Manali (Bus): Distance from Anandpur 244km (14h – 15h)
  • Anandpur to Manali (Taxi): Cab Travel Time 07h 30m
Distance from Delhi and Chandigarh to Manali shown graphically

From Chandigarh


  • HRTC Volvo Bus: Distance 305km (07h – 08h)
  • Taxi: Hire a direct taxi from Delhi Airport.


  • From Chandigarh to Kullu/ Bhuntar Airport: Aerial Distance 137km (50m)
  • From Bhuntar Airport to Manali (Bus/ Taxi): Distance: 50km (01h 15m)


Or Simply

Ascent Descent Adventures Meeting Location: Hotel Kunzam Manali

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Roerich Himalayan Adventures The Untold Saga

Roerich Himalayan Adventures The Untold Saga
Nicholas Roerich Himalayan Adventures: The Untold Saga Ascent Descent Adventures

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