map reading skills

Enhance your navigation prowess with map reading skills. Learn how to interpret maps, navigate efficiently, and find your way with confidence. Explore our comprehensive guide to develop your map reading skills and unlock a world of exploration and adventure.

Basic Mountain Skills Progression

Basic Mountain course- Earth Type, teaches you all of the skills necessary for a trekking guide to conduct safe mountain trekking operations. Trekking is mostly just walking. It is possible for almost everyone to do it and enhance their mind and body via workouts, pure air, and outdoor areas. There are certain specific abilities that …

Why Learn How to Use a Map and Compass for Alpinism?

1. To learn how to use a map and compass for alpinism Alpinism is the practice of climbing mountains. Climbing mountains requires the knowledge of using a map and compass. A map and compass help climbers find their way around the mountain and navigate safely. 2. To know where to go A map and compass …

Map Reading Skills

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Experience: No prior experience is necessary.
  • Age: Minimum age is 8 years, and there is no upper limit.
  • Max: 8 People per course.
  • Location: Manali HP.
  • Season: Year-round, check the calendar below for the date.

Cost Per Person

  • Course Fee: 4000 INR /   50$ USD

Details: Map Reading Skills