lead rock climbing

Experience the thrill of vertical adventure with lead rock climbing. Conquer new heights, test your skills, and push your limits as you scale rugged cliffs and challenging routes. Discover the ultimate outdoor challenge for both beginners and seasoned climbers. Get ready to ascend to new achievements in the world of rock climbing.

Belaying Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide

I. Introduction In mountaineering and rock climbing, belaying is the lifeline.  A. Belay Definition:  The safety provided by a stationary climber to a moving climber with the help of a rope, and a belaying device is called belaying. Method of Securing a Rope to Protect a Climber from Falling:  Belaying is described as the method …

Rope Work: Elevating Your Technical Climbing Game

In the heart-pounding world of mountaineering and technical climbs, there’s an art that takes center stage, an art that can mean the difference between a triumphant summit and a daunting retreat. We’re talking about advanced rope work techniques – the secret sauce for climbing those formidable peaks. Whether you’re a rising star in the alpinist …

The Science of Fall Factor: Guide for Climbers

Understanding Fall Factor A Guide for Beginner Mountaineers Introduction: Climbers must comprehend and handle risks, including fall factors. The fall factor is a critical element in climbing, impacting the force of impact on the climbing system during a fall. This article will explore the concept of the fall factor, and its significance, and offer practical …

A Day In The Life Of A Rock Climber

The sport of rock climbing is one of the most challenging adventures that can be pursued. Climbing higher and higher, it’s about testing your physical and mental endurance. Today, we take a look at a day in the life of a rock climber. Setting Up the Anchors: Anchors are ropes that must be set up …

Rock Climbing Progression

The Rock Climbing Progression-Rock Type is designed for novice to advanced climbers. The primary goal of these courses will be to teach the finest technique, tips, and tactics to help you thrive when climbing, training, and recuperating. Rock climbing is all about advancement and honing your abilities in order to tackle major mountain goals. There …

Lead Trad Climbing (Bravura)

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Experience: Outdoor rock climbing experience and seconding routes are necessary.
  • Age: Minimum age is 16 years, and there is no upper limit.
  • Max: 4 People per course.
  • Location: Manali HP.
  • Season: Year-round, check the calendar below for the date

Cost Per Person

  • Course Fee: 10,000 INR / 130$ USD

Details: Lead Trad Climbing (Bravura)