The Pir Panjal Range in Himachal Pradesh, India, offers a spectacular array of peaks, each with its unique charm and challenging terrain. Here’s a detailed list of the peaks in the Kullu districts of the Pir Panjal Range:

Shikar Beh Peak:

  •     Elevation: 6280 meters
  •     Coordinates: 32.436500, 77.056915

    Key Features: Shikar Beh, standing proudly with an elevation of 6280 meters, is characterized by rugged terrain, making it a favorite among mountaineers seeking a challenging ascent. With limited successful climbs recorded, Shikar Beh offers a pristine and formidable adventure.

Mukar Beh Peak and Manali Peak on Pir Panjal Range
View from Ladakhi Peak: Mukar Beh and Manali Peak on Pir Panjal Range: Ascent Descent Adventures

Mukar Beh Peak:

  •     Elevation: 6000 meters
  •     Coordinates: 32.417714, 77.071845

    Key Features: Mukar Beh, reaching an elevation of 6000 meters, features rocky slopes and is often part of extended trekking routes. With only a few successful ascents documented, it remains a pristine and challenging destination for mountaineering enthusiasts.

Manali Peak:

  •     Elevation: 5600 meters
  •     Coordinates: 32.407249, 77.077804

    Key Features: Manali Peak, standing at 5600 meters, is a prominent feature named after the renowned town of Manali. Located north of Ladakhi Peak, it offers climbers a challenging ascent and stunning views, making it a must-explore destination in the Kullu District.

Ladakhi Peak and Manali Peak on Pir Panjal Range
View from Shitidhar Peak: Ladakhi Peak and Manali Peak on Pir Panjal Range: Ascent Descent Adventures

Ladakhi Peak:

  •     Elevation: 5300 meters
  •     Coordinates: 32.396376, 77.086216

    Key Features: Ladakhi Peak, with an elevation of 5300 meters, presents a prominent knife ridge ascent on its east ridge. Situated further west of Shiti Dhar, the peak’s unique topography and challenging routes attract mountaineers seeking an adventurous experience.

Shiti Dhar Peak:

  •     Elevation: 5294 meters
  •     Coordinates: 32.393643, 77.096554

    Key Features: Shiti Dhar Peak, reaching 5294 meters, provides a diverse climbing experience with rocky outcrops and snow-covered slopes. Climbers should exercise caution due to unstable loose rock while negotiating the col to the west ridge. Despite its challenges, the peak remains a coveted destination for enthusiasts.

Friendship Peak on Pir Panjal Range
View from beyond Lady Leg: Friendship Peak on Pir Panjal Range: Ascent Descent Adventures

Friendship Peak:

  •     Elevation: 5289 meters
  •     Coordinates: 32.395797, 77.109357

    Key Features: Friendship Peak, with an elevation of 5289 meters, lies east of the aforementioned peaks. Accessible through various routes, this summit caters to climbers with varying levels of expertise. Situated east of all the mentioned peaks, Friendship Peak is approached from Lady Leg Campground and offers stunning views.

Indrasan Peak:

  •     Elevation: 6221 meters
  •     Coordinates: 32.213709, 77.396631

    Key Features: Indrasan, towering at an elevation of 6221 meters, rewards climbers with breathtaking views from its summit. Located north of Deo Tibba, Indrasan is a challenging ascent that showcases the awe-inspiring beauty of the Pir Panjal Range, making it a worthwhile endeavor for mountaineers.

Indrasan and Deo Tibba on Pir Panjal Range
Indrasan Peak & Deo Tibba Peak on Pir Panjal Range View from Friendship Peak: Ascent Descent Adventures

Deo Tibba Peak:

  •     Elevation: 6001 meters
  •     Coordinates: 32.194943, 77.382507

    Key Features: Deo Tibba, with an elevation of 6001 meters, marks the east end of the Pir Panjal Range. Characterized by Duhangan Glacier, the region surrounding Deo Tibba adds to the allure of the climb. As the Pir Panjal Mountain Range merges with the Greater Himalayas at Deo Tibba Peak. From Jagatsukh in Manali, climbers embarking on the ascent of Deo Tibba are treated to a unique mountaineering experience.

list of Peaks of Pir Panjal in Himachal
Peaks of Pir Panjal Mountain Range Ascent Descent Adventures

The Pir Panjal Range in Himachal Pradesh boasts awe-inspiring peaks in the Kullu districts, each presenting a unique challenge. Shikar Beh, at 6280 meters, features rugged terrain and limited successful ascents. Mukar Beh, at 6000 meters, offers rocky slopes and extended trekking routes.

Manali Peak, standing at 5600 meters, provides a challenging ascent with stunning views. Ladakhi Peak’s knife ridge ascent at 5300 meters attracts adventurers. Shiti Dhar Peak, at 5294 meters, offers diverse climbing experiences but demands caution.

Friendship Peak, at 5289 meters, suits various expertise levels and lies east of other peaks. Indrasan at 6221 meters rewards climbers with breathtaking views, while Deo Tibba at 6001 meters features glaciers and marks the east end of the Pir Panjal Range.