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Firstly the Therapeutic value of being in nature should not be underestimated. Adventure therapy is an effective method for enhancing both physical and mental well-being.

Adventure therapy is a type of psychotherapy developed in the 1960s. A range of learning and psychological theories have affected it. The basic principle is experiential education.

Also, PTSD, body image difficulties, and other symptoms have been proven in studies to improve in at-risk youth. This kind of therapy is not commonly used in groups or families, but many individuals are joining up these days.

Benefits of Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy can benefit a variety of medical ailments, including:

The first therapeutic effect of being in nature should not be overlooked and this is a proven way that improve physical and mental health.

  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Grief / Loss
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Disorders of eating

Adventure therapy is a form of therapy that uses the natural environment to provide an adventure-based context for the therapeutic process. Chiefly it is used to help people with physical, mental, and emotional problems.

Shashi Tomar Lagwal

Shashi with dual Master’s degrees in Psychology and Business Management. She is also a trained child development and human behavior counselor. Other than leading trips on mountains she also oversaw counseling for the education industry, including IGNOU, the School of Aeronautics, and Amity International. Furthermore, In 2011, Hawaii University (USA) welcomed her as a scholar for their Asia Pacific Leadership Program. 

Additionally, Shashi has experience working with pediatric disability and mental health groups. Finally, she believes that being physically active is the most comprehensive way to enhance freedom, emotional well-being, and bodily well-being.

Adventure Therapy Sessions

Our Adventure Therapy sessions will be tailored to the needs of each unique individual including:


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Shashi outlines the distinctions and advantages of Mental Exercise and Meditation.

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