Basic Mountaineering Course – BMC

The Basic Mountaineering Course is meticulously crafted to equip participants with the indispensable skills and knowledge vital for safe and triumphant mountain expeditions. This foundational course offers a comprehensive curriculum, covering a wide spectrum of topics, amalgamating theoretical comprehension with practical application across diverse mountain terrains. It serves as the cornerstone of the formation process.

Basic Mountaineering Course Outline:

Trekking and Expeditions (3 days): 

Participants immerse themselves in the fundamental principles of trekking and expeditions, focusing on adept navigation in remote areas, efficient management of rescue scenarios, and adept leadership in challenging environments.

Self-Rescue and Organized Mountain Rescue (4 days): 

This module underscores the paramount importance of self-rescue techniques while acquainting participants with structured mountain rescue protocols, ensuring preparedness for emergencies in mountainous terrains.

Climbing with Ice axe in High Altitude during Basic Mountaineering Course
Climbing with Ice axe in High Altitude during Basic Mountaineering Course: Ascent Descent Adventures

Practical Training in High Mountain Regions (10 days): 

Participants engage in extensive practical training across varied mountain environments, encompassing rock, ice, mixed terrain, and glaciers. Hands-on experience is provided in rope techniques, crevasse rescue, and avalanche safety.

Climbing in Alpine Rock Terrain (7 days): 

This module focuses on fostering proficiency in climbing techniques specific to alpine rock terrains, emphasizing safety protocols, route navigation, and technical skills requisite for ascending and descending rock faces.

Basic Mountaineering Course
Basic Mountaineering Course Outline: Ascent Descent Adventures

Assessment of Practical and Theoretical Skills (3 days): 

A rigorous evaluation is conducted to gauge participants’ proficiency in both practical and theoretical facets of mountaineering, spanning rock, ice, snow, and mixed terrain. This assessment serves as a benchmark for progression and certification.

Practical Technical Climbs AssessmentBasic Mountaineering Course:

  1. Multi-pitch rock routes, grade 6a (VI+)
  2. Several pitches on steep ice, grade 4 (WI)

Video of 6a Rock Pitch During Basic Mountaineering Course

Training Days with the Trained Mountain Guide (3 days): 

Participants benefit from refining their skills under the tutelage of seasoned mountain guides, and receiving personalized feedback and mentorship to augment their capabilities further.

Upon culmination of the Basic Mountaineering Course, participants emerge as adept and self-assured mountaineers, armed with the skills, knowledge, and mindset requisite for safe and fulfilling mountain escapades.

Mountain Guide Course – The Next Stage of Formation

Upon successful completion of the 27-day Basic Mountaineering Course, complemented by 3 days of practical apprenticeship under the guidance of a Trained Mountain Guide, individuals qualify to progress to the Mountain Guide Course. This advanced mountaineering course spans a minimum duration of 7 days, during which participants delve into comprehensive aspects of mountaineering, encompassing snow, ice, and rock terrains.

The Mountain Guide Course is meticulously structured to comprehensively evaluate participants, both practically and theoretically. Through meticulous examination, candidates demonstrate their competence across various scenarios, preparing them for the responsibilities and demands of guiding others in mountainous terrain.

Negotiating glacial moraine
Negotiating glacial moraine during the Basic Mountaineering Course: Ascent Descent Adventures

Formation Stages: Basic Mountaineering Course & Mountain Guide Course

The Basic Mountaineering Course precisely equips participants with essential skills for safe mountain expeditions. Its comprehensive curriculum covers trekking, self-rescue, practical mountain training, alpine climbing, and assessment, fostering confident and competent mountaineers. Following this foundation, the Mountain Guide Course offers advanced training over seven days, focusing on snow, ice, and rock terrains. Participants undergo thorough theoretical and practical evaluation, preparing them for guiding responsibilities.

Both courses, conducted under the guidance of experienced mountain guides, ensure holistic development and proficiency in navigating challenging mountain environments. Upon completion, individuals emerge as skilled mountaineers, ready for rewarding and safe mountain adventures, and equipped to guide others through the majestic terrains of the Indian Himalayas.

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