Umesh Raina

Umesh Raina

Umesh Raina is a great mountaineer and skier from Manali. ID Sharma, Senior Mountain Climber, his father is a well-known mountaineer, and mountaineering runs in his blood.

He has climbed many peaks multiple times and can visualize every nook and cranny without a map or exactitude. He has climbed nearly all mountain peaks in and around Himachal Pradesh, many in Uttarakhand and Ladakh. When not on an official trip, Raina wanders in the wilderness for new unclimbed, unexplored regions. In the winter, he enjoys backcountry skiing or snowboarding.

Umesh Raina is a skillful and tough trainer with a great sense of humor. He led numerous climbing expeditions and search and rescue operations in and around Manali. When it comes to mountain and trek knowledge and information, you can rely on him.

According to local legend, he and a few ski buddies cheated death after a big snowstorm in the winter of 2008. He has his own epic Himalayan winter survival stories with other great skiers to share. Catch him for that!