in urban survival situation Pankaj Lagwal smiles in the pouring rain on a flooded road in Delhi, India.

Urban Survival Skills (Free Online)

Urban Survival

What You Must Know to Survive!

Pankaj and Shashi teach you the same information they teach in their hands-on courses in the field in this full online urban survival course that encompasses acquiring all necessities of water, food, and shelter, and goes in deep with a series on how to survive in natural catastrophes.

There are several possibilities for studying urban survival courses online these days. You may now take an online survival course from several different survival instructors on a dizzying breadth of topics thanks to technological advances. The finest online survival training is only a mouse click away!

These recordings were created during the pandemic lockdown period to pass on the necessary information while making the most use of the available time. So, our YouTube channel is free.

The training will teach you essential knowledge and skills that might save your or someone else’s life.

List of our YouTube Urban Survival Videos

Urban Survival: Navigating Indian Cities

Course Overview:

Welcome to the online course Urban Survival: Navigating Indian Cities! This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to thrive and stay safe in India’s cities. This training will give you practical strategies for overcoming hurdles, handling crises, and boosting your odds of survival, whether you are a resident or a visitor.
This course covers a wide range of subjects to help you comfortably traverse Indian cities, from navigating busy streets to coping with potential risks.

Course Duration: 10 modules (self-paced)

To access the Module, please click on the photos.

Module 1: Introduction to Urban Survival in Indian Cities

  • Understanding the unique challenges of Indian cities
  • Importance of situational awareness
  • Mental and emotional preparation for urban survival
Surviving Urban Jungle Thriving in Indian Cities Hyderabad picture
Urban Survival Free Course India

Module 2: Navigating Transportation Systems

  • Public transportation safety tips
  • Dealing with crowded buses, trains, and metro systems
  • Traveling safely in auto-rickshaws and taxis
Transit Tactics Urban Survival Transportation in India Mahindra Thar
Urban Survival Transportation in India Urban Survival Free Online Course India

Module 3: Street Smart: Personal Safety in Urban Environments

  • Awareness of potential threats and scams
  • Effective self-defense techniques for urban settings
  • Safeguarding personal belongings
From Scams to Self-Defense Mastering Urban Survival in India
From Scams to Self-Defense in India

Module 4: Emergency Preparedness

  • Building an emergency kit for urban survival
  • Evacuation strategies during natural disasters
  • Communication methods during emergencies
Emergency Preparedness in Indian Cities 72 hour survival kit
Emergency Preparedness in Indian Cities

Module 5: Finding Shelter in Urban Areas

  • Identifying safe accommodations
  • Securing your residence against break-ins
  • Home fire safety tips
Urban Survival Safety Measures and Fire Prevention
Fire Prevention in Indian Cities

Module 6: Navigating Food and Water Resources

  • Identifying safe and hygienic food sources
  • Water purification techniques
  • Managing food supplies during emergencies
Urban Survival Eats Navigating Food and Water 1
Navigating Food and Water in Indian Cities

Module 7: Urban Health and Sanitation

  • Staying healthy in polluted environments
  • Dealing with common urban health issues
  • Proper waste disposal practices
Skills for Urban Living in India picture of way to military hospital
Skills for Urban Living in Indian Cities Free Online Course India

Module 8: Financial Security and Resource Management

  • Managing finances in urban settings
  • Avoiding scams and frauds
  • Maximizing resources during emergencies
Emergency Ready pankaj lagwal as silhouette background Hyderabad city
Emergency Ready in Indian Cities Urban Survival Free Online Course India

Module 9: Community Engagement and Networking

  • Forming connections with neighbors and local communities
  • Utilizing community resources for safety and support
  • Creating a neighborhood watch system
Strength in Unity Empowering Urban Survival char minar picture
Empowering Urban Survival in Indian Cities Free Online Course India

Module 10: Practical Exercises and Simulations

  • Role-playing scenarios for real-life application of skills
  • Mock emergency drills
  • Case Studies of Successful Urban Survival Stories
Urban Survival Skills: Thriving in the Heart of Indian Cities
Thriving in the Heart of Indian Cities Free Online Course India

Course Requirements

  • Access to a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity
  • Basic understanding of English (course material will be in English)

Course Benefits

By completing this course, you will:

  • Gain essential skills and knowledge to navigate Indian cities safely and confidently.
  • Enhance your situational awareness and adaptability in urban environments.
  • Be prepared to handle emergencies and crises effectively.
  • Improve your safety and protect your belongings.
  • Develop a network of support within your community.

Certificate of Completion

Please contact us once you have completed every module, and we will evaluate the training via Google or Zoom conferencing. After passing the examinations, you will be awarded a certificate of completion for the Urban Survival Skill Course.

Life Skills in Urban Survival
Urban Survival Free Online Course India- Ascent Descent Adventures

Note: This course provides general guidance for urban survival in Indian cities and does not replace professional training in specific areas such as first aid or self-defense. It is recommended to seek further specialized training if desired.

We hope you find this online course valuable and empowering as you navigate the urban landscapes of Indian cities. Stay safe and confident in any situation!

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