Magical Family Adventure: Trekking in Manali with Kids

Children sitting on a rock with their parents standing beside them. Family Adventure Trek in Manali


In June 2023, our family—me, Shashi Lagwal; my husband, Pankaj Lagwal; our son, Shasaj (11 years old); along with our friend, Surender Mahant; his daughter, Sadhika (10 years old); and his nephew, Angad (10 years old)—embarked on an unforgettable 1-night, 2-day trek in the picturesque hills of Manali. This adventure was more than just a trek; it was a bonding experience that brought us closer to nature and each other.

Kids with backpack on trekking trail in Manali
Shasaj, Angad and Sadhika Trekking in Manali: Ascent Descent Adventures

Setting Off on Our Journey

We began our uphill trek on a day that was both hot and drizzling, the air filled with the fresh scent of the thick cedar forests of the Pir Panjal range. The kids, brimming with excitement, carried their gear, including sleeping bags, clothing, and some food. Their enthusiasm was infectious, turning the challenging uphill walk into an enjoyable adventure.

Kids Group on the trail in Manali
Group on the trail: Ascent Descent Adventures

Reaching the Camping Ground

After a beautiful 3-4 hour walk, during which we crossed a few meadows and soaked in the stunning scenery, we finally reached our destination—a serene meadow that would serve as our camping ground. The kids’ faces lit up with joy as we set up camp, their sense of accomplishment evident.

Tents on Camping Ground
Camping Ground: Ascent Descent Adventures

Camping Fun

With the tents pitched, we fetched water from a nearby stream. The kids eagerly took on collecting dead wood for our campfire, their excitement palpable. Their positive energy and enthusiasm were a constant reminder of the simple joys of being in nature.

kids collecting dead wood for campfire
Kids collecting dead wood: Ascent Descent Adventures

The evening was filled with laughter and teamwork as the kids helped us cook dinner, eat, and clean up. As the night fell, they gathered in the tent for late-night stories, their giggles and whispers a comforting sound. The rain started after midnight, adding a soothing rhythm to our cozy camp.

Morning Adventures

Surender, ever the early riser, woke up with the first light and took the kids on a wild strawberry hunting expedition. Seeing their triumphant return with handfuls of fresh strawberries was a heartwarming start to our day.

kids bouldering
Kids bouldering on the nearby rocks: Ascent Descent Adventures

Bouldering Fun

After a hearty breakfast, we took the kids bouldering on the nearby rocks. Their laughter and determination as they climbed and explored the boulders were a testament to their adventurous spirits. It was a joy to watch them challenge themselves and revel in the thrill of the climb.

Fun and Games with Children on a Trek
Fun and Games with Children on a Trek: Ascent Descent Adventures

Fun and Games

Following a leisurely lunch, we engaged the kids with fun games. Their competitive spirits and infectious laughter filled the meadow, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

kids  descending
Kids Descending on a trail: Ascent Descent Adventures

The Descent

Late in the afternoon, we began our descent, the drizzle and sun creating a magical interplay of light and shadow through the forest canopy. The kids, tired but happy, chatted animatedly about their favorite moments of the trek.

Sadhika sits on a cut tree trunk
Sadhika sits on a cut tree trunk: Ascent Descent Adventures


Our family adventure trek in Manali was more than just a getaway; it was an opportunity to connect with nature and each other. The kids’ boundless energy and enthusiasm reminded us of the joys of simple pleasures and the importance of spending quality time together. This trek was a journey to remember, and we look forward to many more such adventures shortly.

Shasaj, Angad and Sadhika
Shasaj, Angad, and Sadhika resting while trekking: Ascent Descent Adventures

Join us on an unforgettable family adventure trek in Manali! Discover the joys of trekking with kids through the beautiful cedar forests of the Pir Panjal range. Our 1-night, 2-day journey was filled with fun, nature, and bonding moments that made it a truly memorable experience. Perfect for families seeking outdoor adventures in Manali.

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