shashi lagwal

India's first female bungee jump master. Since 1998, she has been a mountain guide, and in 2010, she co-founded Ascent Descent Adventures. Dual Master’s degrees in Psychology and Business Management.

Title: Administrator, Alpinist

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Location: Solan Himachal Pradesh

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Shashi Lagwal: Pioneering Female Mountain Guide

Shashi Lagwal, the Co-Founder of Ascent Descent Adventures, stands as a trailblazing figure among India’s limited number of certified female mountain guides. Her journey is a testament to determination, skill, and a deep connection with the Himalayas.

Shashi Lagwal with a dog on mountain slope
Shashi Lagwal with a Dog on a Mountain Slope – Ascent Descent Adventures

Solo Trekker Extraordinaire

Shashi Tomar Lagwal has carved her path through the mountains, leading numerous trekking and rafting expeditions in the formidable Himalayas. Her accomplishments include the successful summit of Draupadi ka Danda at 5712 meters in the central Himalayas and BC Roy at 5415 meters in the eastern Himalayas, showcasing her exceptional mountaineering prowess.

Shashi Lagwal, a mountain guide, stands with her eye on the peak of Hanuman Tibba.
Shashi Lagwal Mountain Guide Ascent Descent Adventures

A Pioneer in Adventure Sports

Breaking barriers, Shashi made history as the first civilian member of the Border Security Forces (BSF) rafting squad, participating in the prestigious Four Square White Water World Challenge. She has also led thrilling motorbike expeditions to Kardungla, Leh, the world’s highest pass at 5602 meters, solidifying her place as a trailblazer in the world of adventure.

Shashi Lagwal Adventure World Magazine
Shashi Lagwal Adventure World Magazine

India’s First Female Bungee Jump Master

Shashi Tomar Lagwal’s list of accomplishments knows no bounds. She proudly holds the title of India’s first and only female Bungee Jump Master, a remarkable achievement that demonstrates her fearless spirit and expertise in extreme sports.

Shashi Lagwal fell asleep while reading Snow Sense.
Unlocking Practical Climbing Skills Through Reading!

A Scholar and Educator

Beyond her adventures, Shashi Lagwal possesses a wealth of knowledge. With dual Master’s degrees in Psychology and Business Management, she exemplifies the blend of mental strength and strategic acumen. She has also been formally recognized with the IA (International Award).

Shashi Lagwal & Pankaj Lagwal Inside Cockpit School of Aeronautics
Shashi Lagwal & Pankaj Lagwal Inside Cockpit – School of Aeronautics

Guiding the Future: Education and Counseling

Shashi Tomar Lagwal has contributed significantly to the field of education and counseling. Her role has included overseeing counseling for prestigious institutions such as IGNOU, the School of Aeronautics, Amity International, and more. Her expertise extends to child development and career counseling, providing invaluable guidance to aspiring individuals.

Shashi Lagwal sitting on choped Tree trunk
Shashi Lagwal sitting on chopped Tree trunk Ascent Descent Adventures

A Global Perspective

In recognition of her leadership and potential, Hawaii University (USA) welcomed Shashi Tomar Lagwal as a scholar for their Asia Pacific Leadership Program in 2011. 

Shashi Tomar Lagwal is not just a mountaineer; she is a pioneer, a scholar, and a role model for aspiring adventurers, breaking down barriers in a male-dominated field and inspiring future generations to reach new heights, both literally and figuratively.

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