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The 5 days wilderness survival course develops awareness in the students of being prepared for the outdoors and what to do in the event when something goes wrong in outdoors or they are lost. What happens when you are lost or left alone in wilderness, fear starts to swell up first and then Panic, heat, cold, pain, fatigue, hunger, thirst, boredom and loneliness accompany you. When things go wrong, the skills of wilderness survival course can help make everything right again. Living in the wilderness as a way of life. The focus here is on living in the wilderness in a primitive fashion. This course is designed for anyone who ventures into the outdoors at any time of the year in any kind of terrain for any type of outdoor activity. .

Duration: 5 days

Humor is one of the best ingredients of survival.


Course Content:

  • Water and food procurement
  • Fire making technique

  • Shelter building

  • The psychology of survival

  • The Tracker

  • Rope work and knots

  • Making tools & Improvising

  • Direction sense

  • Use of map and compass

  • Navigation

  • Search and rescue

  • Evacuation techniques

  • Flora and fauna

  • Weather predictions

  • Clothing

  • Distress signals   

  • Traps and snares (Practical)

A good survival training significantly increases the odds in your favor. It's also a lot of fun and can be a character building experience as well.


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