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The 2 days survival course in wilderness offers skill-sets about how to survive in the wild. The survival course is carefully designed for maximizing the transferral of skill and knowledge, this survival course is suitable for both novice and experienced alike.The survival course is carefully explained and demonstrated. Instructors will then supervise you as you have a go yourself.The weekend will fly by as you learn new skills that will be of real practical value.

Duration: 2 days

Who can join the 2 Days survival course? :Our survival course is aimed at individuals and groups who have a particular interest in the skills we teach. You can either join up as an individual, as a small group of friends or if you a…

  • Students: Schools & Colleges who feel learning wilderness survival skills is an essential part of education
  • Parents: who want their kids to be confident sleeping out under the stars.
  • Trekkers and backpackers: If  you’re a keen backpacker or a hiker,don’t you want to be better equipped for the wild.
  • Company directors: who want a fun day out in wilderness with their staff.
  • Private Parties: Why not get a group of friends together? And have fun learning in wilderness.
  • Individuals: All our courses offer the individual opportunities to participate.
  • Anyone: If you are looking for a gift idea with a difference.

Survival is a state of mind !

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Course Content:

  • Water and food procurement
  • Fire making technique
  • Shelter building
  • Traps and snares (Demonstration only)
  • The psychology of survival
  • The Tracker
  • Rope and knots
  • Direction sense
  • Search and rescue
  • Identifying flora and fauna


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