Rock Climbing

Yet another team climbing down a rocky mountain face. Under normal circumstances one would never dare to undertake this challenge. But the adventure enthusiasts slither down the rope hanging down the side of the mountain with great gusto, cheering each other on. rock climbing Climbing well means to climb as much as ‘you’ can. It’s not the attitude that makes much of a difference for the climber but it’s the skill and proper technique which helps then to go on and on. Before you set foot on the rock, expect to be nervous. There’s no way around this…What you must do, is to find confidence and to learn from the people around you. Ask anyone who has climbed a rock. At times, people get exhausted, tired and completely drained. They feel that they can’t take another step forward. Their response… “I have to go on & I will.” At this time only your inner strength helps to climb the next hill. The mountains have never disappointed anyone. For every time you climb a hill there are hills beyond, that call. It’s a strange and unique attraction. Rock climbing like many adventure sports is as much about mental achievements as it is about physical thrills. Trust and understanding of equipment is a major ‘Do’ which will help in climbing and can avoid a mis-hap. The idea is to climb enthusiastically & complement it with complete safety and care. Nobody and nobody can pressurize you to climb a rock or a mountain except the mountain itself. (It’s an addiction- difficult to fight!!!)


Trek in Himalayas

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