Hooked to Bungee!- Shashi Tomar

It all started when she was in Delhi University. One of the Adventure Tour operators in Delhi organized a Bungee Jumping promotion. Shashi Tomar was one of the youngster who paid Rs. 400 (after 50% discount) to give it a try with the body harness on the legs tied to the German elastic cord she plunged from 110 feet.

"The feeling was exhilarating. The fear that was in my mind before I jumped had turned into a feeling of ecstasy, “she says. “I just couldn’t believe that the jump would be such a smooth affair. The elastic cord did it all. No jerks, no nothing." The money was well spent not only fell for bungee jumping but also ended up as a “master jumper and instructor” with the same company, Wanderlust Travel, which sponsored her training under a Dutch coach. During the past three years, Shashi has jumped at least 70 times from heights of 110-130 feet.

Shashi is probably the only trained female bungee jumper who has put hundreds of youngsters through their paces not just in Delhi but also in other major cities where bungee is popular.

Talk to her about the technicalities, and she will rant out the minute details of distinguishing a good cord from the one that is not up to the mark. She can give you tips on how to select a crane, how to and where to put the air bag on the ground, distances that need to be kept safe and clear during jumps.

Moreover, besides technical knowledge, it is the counseling and convincing that is required of the instructor. A jumper should be explained in acute detail the nitty-gritty of jump. He/ she should be convinced that bungee jumping is a safe sport provided it is done under professional instruction in the prescribed manner.

“You certainly have to develop trust between the prospective jumper and the instructor”, she points out. “If any prospective jumper develops cold feet at the last moment, the instructors should abondon the jump and not force the jumper to go for the plunge.”

Shashi has been the adventurous sort since childhood. During school days when other children choose to watch movies in air-condition theater and hang out at their favourite haunts, Shashi used to go miles into the jungles or up in the Himalayas on one of those gulling treks. Her association with the NCC also boosted the adventurous spirit in her.

Of late, Shashi has branched out on her own and is networking with a lot of adventure organizers providing them the much needed expertise the various adventure and allied activities.

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