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Glacier training course you will learn front pointing and Advanced French cramponing techniques, ice axe positions, anchor placement self-arrest, crevasse rescue technique, glacier travel and navigations, finding the routes and hazard assessments on the glaciers of Himalayas.

Duration: 15 days

Location: Greater Himalayas Himachal Pradesh  

Rope up on Gliacer .jpg

Glacier training course content :

  • Roped glacier travel.
  • Crevasse rescue techniques and scenarios - Team and individual
  • Making steep ground safe with climbing techniques.
  • Snow and ice anchor selection
  • Ice climbing and crampon techniques.
  • Self arrest techniques- Team and Individual.
  • Rope management skills in Ice and snow with Belaying, rappelling,
  • Glaciology and crevasse prediction
  • Planning, strategies and risk calculation on glacier .
  • Survival techniques on glacier.
  • Using compass and maps
  • Establishing camp on glacier.
  • Cooking in wilderness skills.

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