Mountain Training Himalayas


Choosing camping ground Mountain training.JPG

Team looking for safe camping ground during the mountaineering course.

establishing base camp Mountain training.JPG

Base camp established for the mountain training at the aultitude of 3400 mt.

Roped up Glacier travel Mountain training.JPG

Roped up glacier travel training and practical ascending on the aultitude of 4500 mt.

Roped up glacier travel Mountain training.JPG

Trainee dealing with the  rope on Glacier travel.

climbing on steep ice snow slope Mountain training.JPG

Making steep ground safe.

DSC_2400 - Copy.JPG

Belaying with snow and ice anchors.

Climbing on snow Mountain training.JPG

Negotiating Steep sploe of snow.

Surviving in cave Mountain training.JPG

Surviving in open big overhang cave during the mountain training.


Photo Courtesy : Oliver Fall

Trek in Himalayas

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