Rock Climbing Course

Safety Check for Rock Climbing

Instructor Checking Belay and Safety for the trainee


Repelling Demonstration from Instructor


Trainee Preparing for long face Repelling (Belayed by Instructor)

Over the Ledge

Trainee on the ledge for long face Repelling

Repelling Long Face

Trainee Repelling on long face

Belay Briefing

Instructions for Belaying and Climbing

Rock Ascent

Watching the Rock Ascent


Negotiating Narrow Chimney

Using Quick Draw

Getting use to Quick Draw

Quick Draw

Use of Quick Draw

Rock Climbing Grade 6a

Difficulty Level 6a

Tipula Paludosa Technique

Demo for Tipula Paludosa Technique

Rock Climbing Course

Gained Confidence and Enjoying the Rock Climbing Course

Trek in Himalayas

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