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At Ascent Descent Adventures (ADA), we subscribe to the adage that “life is either a great adventure or nothing”. It is said that only in adventure do some people succeed in knowing themselves, finding themselves. Hence, as a company founded and managed by like-minded outdoor enthusiasts, we help you experience and celebrate the adventures of life.

From leisurely treks through breathtakingly beautiful valleys to the toughest of mountain climbs in the Himalayas, our team of experts will be there to guide you at every step. Our instructors and guides from India and the USA – who have been involved in these activities since 1990 ( see ADA Team ) – are some of the finest mountaineers and make great travel companions, eager to share their experiences, skills and gripping tales during challenging treks and climbs.

ADA is India’s first company which provides mountaineering course in Indian Himalayas under the guidance of certified instructors.

At ADA, our endeavour is to achieve new horizons in adventure travel with single-minded focus and dedication to meet client’s highest expectations. We value relationships and strive to deliver quality services to our clients. We believe, each new client engagement is a learning experience for us.

Ascent Descent Adventures is focused in two major activities:
1. Organized adventure tours, treks and travel (see Explore Routes )
2. Mountaineering courses in the Himalayas (see Mountaineering Course )

So, if adventure is on your mind, then do come knocking on our doors and experience the difference of our service. (Contact us)


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